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5 Easy Steps to Overcome Groin Pain during Pregnancy

Pregnant women often get sick in the groin? Calm down, Pregnant Woman, basically pain in the groin is a fairly common thing during pregnancy. Pregnant women can overcome this in several easy ways! Although quite disturbing comfort, but basically groin pain during pregnancy is not harmful to the health of the mother and fetus. Pregnant women who experience groin pain also still have the possibility to be able to give birth normally. Causes of Groin Pain in Pregnant Women Groin pain during pregnancy is usually caused by hormonal changes. During pregnancy, the body produces the relaxin hormone which functions to make the supporting tissues of the muscles around the pelvis relax and stretch. It is this stretch that can trigger pain in the groin during pregnancy. In addition, groin pain during pregnancy can also be caused by increasing size and weight of the baby in the womb, which causes the pelvic bones of pregnant women to dilate. Various Ways to Overcome Pain in the groin during
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Solution to Overcome Insomnia during Menstruation

In addition to mood swings, stomach aches, and pimples, some women may also experience insomnia during menstruation. If left unchecked, difficulty sleeping during menstruation can concentrate on doing daily activities, you know. Therefore, let's, find out how to overcome it! Actually insomnia or insomnia during menstruation is one of the symptoms of premenstruation syndrome (PMS), which occurs due to hormonal changes during menstruation. Complaints that arise during menstruation can also aggravate sleep difficulties when menstruation. Various Ways to Overcome Difficult Sleep during Menstruation You can overcome insomnia during menstruation in the following ways: 1. Exercise routine Well, menstruation is not a reason not to exercise, you know! Besides being useful for dealing with headaches and stomach cramps, exercise during menstruation is also useful for making you sleep more soundly. You can do yoga, swimming or gymnastics. 2. Pay attention to food consumed Meat, eggs

How to Take Care of a Baby in the First 1000 Days

The first thousand days of life is a golden period for children. From the time of conception until the little one is around two years old, this period is an important time for children's physical growth and mental development. In the first 1,000 days, not only nutrition and stimulation that need attention, how to care for babies must also be a concern of parents. The first thousand days of a child's life is a period to maximize children's health and development. Proper nutrition during pregnancy and breastfeeding, as well as the provision of complementary food for breast milk, has been shown to have a large impact on the growth and development of children, as well as reducing the risk of disease, both in children and in mothers. Disease risk can be prevented through proper nutrition, and also through awareness of cleanliness. In maintaining cleanliness or hygiene, parents need to pay attention to how to care for babies properly. Caring for Baby Tips in the First 1000 Da